Film Slam #11 Winner; Grand Slam Lineup
(released 11/13/2007)

The final Film Slam of 2007 took place on Sunday, November 11th at the Enzian Theater in Maitland. An audience of about 55 watched and voted on 8 short films.

The winner of 2007's eleventh Film Slam was Passing Through. The just under 12 minute short film was written by Danny Bellini & Daniel Smith, directed by Craig Calamis, and produced by all three.

Second place was BarCampOrlando by Jason Hawkins and third place was The Blower by Banks Helfrich.

Next month, all eleven winning shorts will be screened as part of the Grand Slam, which will be integrated into the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase. The Brouhaha will take place on December 8 & 9, 2007 also at the Enzian. Brouhaha films have a chance at gaining entry into the Florida Film Festival which runs March 28th through April 6th, 2008.

Below is a complete list of all eleven winners.

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FilmSlam (GrandSlam) – Film Program

*In Order of Winning Month (Jan-Nov)

#1.) A Man in the Attic (2007) / 7 Min 25 Sec
Written/Produced/Directed by: Ali Imran Zaidi
Orlando, FL -

Description: An American Muslim ponders, discusses and ruminates on his position in America, and the decline of his people in Western civilization.

Contact: Ali Imran Zaidi @

#2.) It's a Party (2006) / 5 Min 27 Sec / *Music Video
Performed by: Aquil, Ikon & Chanell
Written by: Aquil McSwain, Directed by: Felix Ortiz, Produced by: Jen Vargas
Orlando, FL –

Description: Three kids, bored with their babysitter, watch Ikon, Aquil and Chanell having a party on TV. They then decide to have a party of their own.

Contact: Felix Ortiz @

#3.) Foobie Jesus (2006) / 7 Min
Written/Produced/Directed by: Katharine Leis
Orlando, FL – /

Description: A woman believes she is receiving signs from above that her cat may be of a divine nature. Fearful of what others may think, she decides to keep this to herself.

Contact: Katharine Leis @

#4.) Mr. Bubbs (2007) / 6 Min 36 Sec
Written/Directed by: Todd Thompson, Produced by: Todd Thompson, Smithy Sipes, John De La Rosa & Ryan Conroy
Orlando, FL -

Description: A stranger picks the wrong girl to kidnap one bright, sunny day in suburbia.

Contact: Todd Thompson @

#5.) The Sweet Taste of Flesh (2007) / 10 Min
Written/Directed by: Sebastian Azicri, Produced by: Juan Carlos Fernandez
Orlando, FL - /

Description: There is a vampire who is only seen by those who are guilty. If you can see him, you are dead.

Contact: Sebastian Azicri @

#6.) That's the Name of That Tune (2007) / 17 Min
Written/Produced/Directed by: Robert & James Dastoli
Orlando, FL -

Description: An aging clarinet player regains his faith in the world when he meets an eager pupil.

Contact: James & Robert Dastoli @

#7.) Confessions of an Italian American (2007) / 16 Min
Written/Directed by: Fred Zara, Produced by: Christopher Zara, Fred Zara & Joe Zara, Jr.
Orlando, FL –

Description: Meet Joe Zara: son of an Italian railroad worker who came to the United States during the immigration boom of the early 20th century.

Contact: Fred Zara @

#8.) Wonderful, Wonderful (2007) / 17 Min 30 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Trey Chace
Winter Park, FL -

Description: Sarah's outwardly perfect life begins to crumble as she is swept into the cruel and destructive world of anorexia.

Contact: Trey Chace @

#9.) A Light at the End (2007) / 16 Min
Written by: Paul Jones Jr, Directed by: Will Malone, Produced by: Blake Bickerstaff
Winter Park, FL –

Description: In the most dark and inhospitable reaches within a man, five strangers must come together if they hope to find the light at the end.

Contact: Blake Bickerstaff @

#10.) Swear to Me (2007) / 9 Min 30 Sec
Written/Produced/Directed by: Ali Imran Zaidi
Orlando, FL -

Description: IN A LAND beset by confusion, IN A TIME just like the present, ONE MAN is presented with life, the universe and everything. And does nothing.

Contact: Ali Imran Zaidi @

#11.) Passing Through (2007) / 11 min 52 sec
Directed by: Craig Calamis, Written by: Danny Bellini & Daniel Smith, Produced by: Craig Calamis, Danny Bellini & Daniel Smith
Orlando, FL -

Description: John Smith, a traveling businessman passing through his hometown, is recognized and approached by an old friend from high school.

Contact: Craig Calamis -

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