Final Film Slam of 2007 Is This Sunday
(released 11/7/2007)

The last Film Slam of 2007 will take place Sunday, November 11th at 1:00pm at the Enzian Theater. Entry to the event is 5 dollars. The winner of this Film Slam will round out the 11 film entries into next month's Grand Slam as part of the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase. More details are available at

The Producer and Host of the Film Slam John Theisen details the event along with its history on a podcast at

Below is the list of short films in competition.


#1 - The Crimson Ghost - Trailer (2007) / 3 Min 15 Sec
Written/Directed by: Vincent Farrell, Produced by: Vincent Farrell & Michael O'Rourke
Orlando, FL -
Description: After a local college student is found murdered, rookie detective Duncan Richards sets out to solve the case.


#2 - Everybody Loses Something (2007) / 5 min 42 sec
Directed/Produced by: Eric Emerick, Written by: Tony Walters & Tanya Davis
Indian Harbor Beach, FL –
Description: Joe's marriage is in trouble. Unable to suppress his doubts any longer, he finally confronts his wife. Does the punishment fit the crime?


#3 - The Stacks (2007) / 4 min 15 sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: David Bermejo
Orlando, FL -
Description: A student comes to the realization of his fatherless past while flipping through the pages of his dad's old yearbook.


#4 - The Blower (2007) / 3 min 30 sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Banks Helfrich
Orlando, FL -
Description: One obsessed man. One powerful leaf blower. Many sidewalks.


#5 - Aspire Vicarious (2007) / 7 min
Written/Directed by: Elizabeth Anne, Produced by: Blake Bickerstaff & Elizabeth Anne
Orlando, FL -
Description: "Vivid Expression, Sensational Experience, Artistic Vision." Does this sound like you? Come visit Aspired Enterprises. Your dreams have already been realized.


#6 - The Original Gangster (2007) / 6 min 37 sec
Directed by: Jesse Scully, Written by: Ian Roddy & John Scully, Produced by: GM Productions & Hoop Films
St Augustine, FL –
Description: An urban legend depicting the rivalry and animosity that existed between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.


#7 - BarCampOrlando (2007) / 5 min 14 sec
Directed by: Jason Hawkins, Produced by: Gregg Pollack
Orlando, FL -
Description: A video montage of Orlando's first BarCamp, an event for like-minded technical people which took place on September 23, 2007 in college park.


#8 - Passing Through (2007) / 11 min 52 sec
Directed by: Craig Calamis, Written by: Danny Bellini & Daniel Smith, Produced by: Craig Calamis, Danny Bellini & Daniel Smith
Orlando, FL -
Description: John Smith, a traveling businessman passing through his hometown, is recognized and approached by an old friend from high school.

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