September's Film Slam Winners
(released 9/13/2007)

The Film Slam for September took place on Sunday the 9th. As usual, the Enzian Theater in Maitland set the stage.

The first place winner was A Light at the End written by Paul Jones, directed by Will Malone, and produced by Blake Bickerstaff. Second place was One Soul for Sale! by James Cheshire and David Conley. Third place went to Gunn Highway by Stefan Vino-Figueroa.

The other film entries were: Soulmates Never Die (music video) by Jason Giraulo, The Explanation by Danny & Robert Bruno, and D.O.V. by James D. Watkins.

The first place films will be shown at the Brouhaha Showcase in December as part of the Grand Slam, of which the winner will gain an entry into the Florida Film Festival.

There are two remaining Film Slams. One on October 14th and the other on November 11th.

Get your film entry in to them. There is an entry form that you can check out at

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