Orlando Hispanic Film Festival Announced
(released 7/17/2007)

The 1st Annual Orlando Hispanic Film Festival (OHFF) comes to the heart of Orlando, Florida on Oct. 12th - Oct. 14th, 2007.

To qualify for awards, production must include talent of Hispanic descent; the Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, or Cinematographer or theme must deal with Hispanic issues. The OHFF provides independent filmmakers, producers, directors, writers and actors to display their work and the opportunity to network directly with professionals in the industry, establishing valuable contacts. The Festival offers the audience an opportunity to preview first hand, creative projects reflecting personal experiences and films which will incite thoughtful dialogue, leveraging the cinema experience.

During the Festival, the public participates in the selection of the film for the Audience Award, which will be announced on the website - www.ohfilmfestival.com. For more information call (321) 274-1570 or email: info@ohfilmfestival.com.

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