FilmSlam #7 - Sunday July 8th
(released 7/6/2007)

July's FilmSlam will be held this Sunday, July 8th at 1pm at the Enzian Theater. The event is breaking from its normal 6 short films and running 8 films this month. Barring any technical difficulties, the whole FilmSlam should run about an hour including time for a Q&A with some of the filmmakers.

How the FilmSlam Works

Each audience member in attendance is given a ballot for which to vote for their favorite film of the month, the winner of which then goes on to the GrandSlam at Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase (December 8 & 9). There, the short selected by the audience from the nearly 70 FilmSlam movies of 2007 will get an automatic slot in the 2008 Florida Film Festival.

This month's movies are:

#1 - KALUA COLADA (2007)
Produced by Jennifer Vargas
Written by Aquil McSwain
Written, Produced & Directed by Felix Ortiz
Running time: 4:45 min
Orlando, FL -
"We're sipping on Kalua Colada..."

Produced by Christopher Zara & Joe Zara, Jr.
Produced & Directed by Fred Zara
Running time: 16 min
Orlando, FL -
Meet Joe Zara: son of an Italian railroad worker who came to the United States during the immigration boom of the early 20th century.

#3 - APT. 17 (2007)
Directed by Anne Seabright
Running time: 30 sec
Orlando, FL -
What does it feel like to watch a bipolar alcoholic have a psychotic break? Kinda like this...

#4 - WALKING AWAY (2007)
Written, Produced & Directed by Kai Porter
Running time: 6:02 min
Orlando, FL -
In 16 year old Jay's life, everybody else seems to be the problem. So, fed up, will Jay finally take control?

Produced by Marissa J. Dienstag
Written & Directed by Brett Ryan Bonowicz
Running time: 8:38 min
Orlando, FL -
Joe Glory, a local baseball player searches for reasons to keep going after he loses a loved one in a sudden accident.

Produced by Mark Baratelli
Running time: 3:41 min
Orlando, FL -
This is Lady Raptastic's creative contribution to the monkey suicide epidemic in Africa. She hopes to spur awareness to the cause so that more helpless lives can be saved.

#7 - FUR FATALE (2007)
Written, Produced & Directed by Lindsay Denniberg
Running time: 4:40 min
Orlando, FL -
A young girl finds a fur coat.

Written, Produced & Directed by Jon Jones
Running time: 1:40 min
Orlando, FL -
A man named Joe conjures up some salty stew in the likeness of a sea goddess. Presented with a live score!


Enzian Theater
1300 South Orlando Avenue
Maitland, Florida 32751

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