Dastoli Brothers Win Film Slam 6
(released 6/12/2007)

The 6th edition of the Film Slam took place on Sunday, June 10th to one of the best, if not the best, attended showings in its history. Many friends as well as cast and crew of Jonathon Vazquez's Beneath the Surface had much to do with that. It also served as a farewell to Robert and James Dastoli as they take their talents on the road to Los Angeles. They mentioned that they have 18 days left until their move.

Jonathon Vazquez wrote and directed his movie as a high school student. He enlisted the talents of Steven Shea's Abyssmal Entertainment and DP/Camera Operator Jason Liquori to make it happen.

The winners of this Film Slam were as follows:

1st Place: That's the Name of that Tune by Robert and James Dastoli
2nd Place: Beneath the Surface by Jonathon Vazquez
3rd Place: Playing With Myself by Michael Capitelli

The Film Slam is always looking for films to play. The screenings take place every second Sunday of each month with the winners gaining entrance to the Grand Slam as part of the Brouhaha Showcase in December. The winner of the Grand Slam will in turn get a spot in the Florida Showcase of the Florida Film Festival.

For more info on how to submit your film, which is free, go to:

Photos from the Film Slam are available in the Photo Seen.

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