100 Tears Premiere at Channelside
(released 6/10/2007)

100 Tears, a production of Manic Entertainment, Crytzer Enterprises, Pop Gun Pictures, Starving Kappa Pictures, and Oddtopsy Films, will be having its local premiere on Saturday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 24th; both screenings are at 2pm at Channelside Cinemas at 615 Channelside Drive in Tampa.

Marcus Koch (Rot) directs 100 Tears from a screenplay by Joe Davison (Unearthed and Mandatory Overtime), and together they are the creative team behind this gore intensive massacre.  Marcus Koch's effects company, Oddtopsy Effects Group (Unearthed, GhostLake, and Closet Space), handled all the bloody practical effects for 100 Tears.

Jennifer Stevenson (Georgia Chris, Waste of Space and Mandatory Overtime) is on the trail of one of the most notorious serial killers known to man, the Tear Drop Killer (Jack Amos, Essence of Irwin and We're Coming to Help).  With the help of her partner, Mark Webb (Joe Davison, Unearthed and Afterlife), they discover more then they bargained for.

Tracking the Tear Drop Killer to his abandoned warehouse, they discover Christine Greaston (Raine Brown, Barricade and Darkness Surrounds Roberta), a young woman who has been kidnapped and is in desperate trouble.  Or is she?  Soon, Mark and Jennifer are running for their lives and fighting to stay alive in a decaying den of death.

Elmar Berger (Demonium), Leslie Ann Crytzer (Automaton Transfusion), and Alanna Baker serve as executive producers.

We have pictures from set visits on February 9th and April 21st in the Photo Seen.

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