On Set with The Black Sheep Prophecy
(released 6/10/2007)

On Saturday, May 26th, we visited the set of Jen-Kun-Doe Productions latest short film The Black Sheep Prophecy.  Jen-Kun-Doe is the handywork of Jenny Coyle, an alumnus of Valencia Community College's Film Technology Program.

The Black Sheep Prophecy was shot May 25-28, 2007 at locations including Jenny's house, her parent's house, Urban Wetlands Park, and Jeremiah's Water Ice Shop on Aloma.  Our set visit on Saturday utilized Jenny's house for a funeral.  In that scene, we see the group of friends that the film centers around, in the storyline it takes place just after one of the neighbors has gone and shoved her mother-in-law down a flight of stairs (hence the funeral reception).  We have a few photos available in the Photo Seen.

When asked about the origin of the name of her production company, Jenny says, "Well, I do like martial arts flicks, especially Bruce and Brandon Lee, and I studied some martial arts over the years, but not Jeet Kun Doe, not yet anyway; I want to. Anyway, I used to attack my boyfriend Alex with the blade of my hand (like I was karate chopping him), whenever he tried to tickle me, and he started calling it the ancient art of Jen-Kun-Doe. So, yeah, when I had to come up with a name for my production company when I formed the LLC it only seemed natural."

The production team used the Panasonic DVX-100A.  Jenny comments, "It was mostly chosen because of the 24p mode, though, I had initially wanted to go with one of the small High Def cameras. I couldn't get ahold of one in time and we'd used the Panasonic before and we were pleased with the results."

Jenny wrote, directed and produced this movie.  She said that it took her about 3 months to write.  The synopsis of the film:

The Black Sheep Prophecy
takes a brief comical look at the married lives of 4 couples. When the neighbor down the block has finally had enough of her mother-in-law she shoves her down the stairs, and seems happier than ever once the old biddy is dead. At first her neighbors are alarmed until they realize that the only people on the block not fighting over in-laws are the gay couple, that has no contact with either of their families. Suddenly everyone wants to be the black sheep of theirs or their in-law's families. Some work secretly to attain black sheep status, while others team up with their spouses to end the in-law curse once and for all. This film is dedicated to everyone any in-law has ever made miserable, and the many things we're too nice to do to them, but have secretly pondered... at great length.

One last thing from Jenny... Thank you for coming out, and thank you to all the wonderful extras that helped bring the scenes to life.

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