Indie Film Jam - Day 2 Schedule
(released 5/18/2007)

Indie Film Jam continues today (Friday, May 18th). The Industry Panel will be held at the downtown Marriott at 400 West Livingston. All screenings will be held at City Arts Factory located at the corner of Orange Avenue and Pine Street. The screening room is on the second floor. Here's what is happening...

3:30-4:45 p.m. - ROOM A

Douglas Lorah - Green Room Orlando
Michael Monello - Haxan/ Camp Fire Media
Mike Slebnovik - VIRB.COM
Bob Cook - BC Entertainment
Roger Moore - Orlando Sentinel
Rich Grula - UCF Film
Carl Verna - MODERATOR

5:00pm Shorts Program #3 - "Happiness" - 84:01 Min Total

Press Play – (2006) - London, UK – 10:00 Min
Directed By: Michael Stanmore
*East Coast Premiere
In a near future, the British government has started banning various forms of artistic expression. It has been decided that such pursuits are a distraction from the more important task of strengthening the economy.

Security Deposit – (2005) - Orlando, FL – 2:00 Min
Directed By: Erica Matyas
Explore the creative process of a canine sculptor, proving art is definitely relative.

The Lonely Lights. The Color of Lemons. – (2006) - Los Angeles, CA – 16:30 Min
Directed By: Benjamin M Piety
*Florida Premiere
A visual study of a young jogger who is shown a series of inkblot paintings that propel him into a collection of stories and memories centering on childhood, questions of sexuality, and an enigmatic girl.
This movie was filmed in Orlando. It recently won Special Jury Prize for Experimental Film at SXSW. The Green Room covered the production in 2005 and we have photos.

He Works In A Suit - (2006) - Payneham South, Australia – 7:00 Min
Directed By: Robert Davies
A bank robbery has occurred and a well dressed man is on the run from police. In his travels he offers a lift to a lone hitchhiker by the roadside.

The Grid – (2006) - Los Angeles, CA – 15:00 Min
Directed By: James Grayford
Seeking the identity of his friend’s killer leads a homeless man to devastating revelations.

Wasted Life: The Musical – (2006) - New York, NY – 7:47 Min
Directed By: Ana Hurka-Robles
*US Premiere
Have you ever felt like you've somehow reached adulthood without learning anything particularly important?

Social Experiments with Simon Snow – (2006) - Orlando, FL – 6:00 Min
Directed By: Maria Pennington
Meet Simon Snow, a scientist devoted to discovering the secrets of social perfection.

Grandma Goth – (2006) - Denver, CO – 19:44 Min
Directed By: Deborah Hiestand
*East Coast Premiere
This documentary "digs up" the death related collections of 64-year-old Suelynn Gustafson who calls herself Grandma Goth. Her passion is for morbid things from days gone by.

7:00pm BAND - Shift Comma 3

8:00pm Blindsided (Followed by Q&A w/ Filmmaker)

10:00pm BAND - Sterling Schroeder

11:00pm Music Video Program - "B & A"

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