The Film Slam Is Sunday
(released 4/5/2007)

April's Film Slam will be held this Sunday, April 8th at 1pm. Every month, the Enzian Theater hosts this screening event, which the event promoters try to make around one hour. This month's selections are listed below. Please keep sending in your film submissions. Details about the contest are available at

#1 - HALL OF DOORS (2006)
Written by Tom Gribbins, Directed by Jonathan Mince, Produced by Christopher Schwein
Running time: 5 Min
Description: A man finds himself trapped in an endless hall of doors. Each door is a window into his life that he must relive.

#2 - A MENTAL JOURNEY (2006) *Music Video
Produced & Directed by Felix Ortiz, Performed by Aquil
Running time: 4:58 Min

#3 - NATURES WAY (2006)
Written, Produced & Directed by Em Gowers & Tim Griffin
Running time: 18 Min
St. Petersburg

#4 - MR. BUBBS (2007)
Written & Directed by Todd Thompson, Produced by Todd Thompson, Smithy Sipes, John De La Rosa and Ryan Conroy
Running time: 6:26 min
Description: A stranger picks the wrong girl to kidnap one bright, sunny day in suburbia.

#5 - $358.20 (2007)
Written & Directed by Brett Ryan Bonowicz, Produced by Anne Seabright
Running time: 4:57 min
Description: Film stock is really expensive.

#6 - POPSY (2006)
Written & Directed by Brian Haynes, Produced by David E. Conley & Brian Haynes
Running time: 24:12 min
Description: Based on a Stephen King story, a gambler must pay back a debt by committing a crime more dangerous for him than the intended victim.

The Enzian Theater is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland. It is just north of Winter Park on 17-92.

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