Valencia's 12th Film Celebration This Weekend
(released 2/22/2007)

The 12th Annual Valencia Film Celebration is taking place February 23, 24 & 25 at the East Campus of Valencia Community College. The event starts off Friday evening at 8pm with Ralph Clemente's feature film Florida City. The celebration continues at 8pm on Saturday with the following 9 shorts:

I HATE MUSICALS (20:00 min.)
Brad is a cold hearted insurance exec. who hates Musicals. He really, really, really hates Musicals. But his beautiful singing fiancée Melissa lives for them. Despite the fact that Brad loves her, his contempt for Musicals threatens to tear them apart, until one night Melissa makes a magical wish, and Brad is horrified to discover that whenever he opens his mouth, he bursts into song! This film recently won a GOLD MEDAL for EXCELLENCE at the Park City Film Music Festival.

POPSY (24:17 min)
Owing Mr. Reggie Money was one of Sheridan's biggest mistakes. Trying to pay him back might be his last. This film is based on a short story by Stephen King and produced and directed by one of his biggest fans - with Mr. Kings' blessings.

DAVY & STU (13:00 min)
Between secrets & Myth lies true love. From Anton Dudley's award-winning play comes a new, forgotten fairy tail. This film has played at over 40 International Film Festivals during the last year and has won several prestigious awards, including the CINE GOLDEN EAGLE.

THE REEL (10:42 min)
In an age where art and self-expression have been outlawed, morality has no conscience. Director Dan Springen presents a shocking vision of an artless future. Winner of the CINE GOLDEN EAGLE.

MISS OLA - Music Video (4:55 min)
This Music Video is about one of the most amazing ladies of the South, Miss Oseola McCarty. After a lifetime of doing peoples laundry she had saved all of her money and donated it to the University of Southern Mississippi for minority scholarships. The song is written and performed by Austin Church.

THE WAY BACK HOME - Music Video (4:05 min)
This Music Video promotes our feature film THE WAY BACK HOME starring Julie Harris and Ruby Dee. The song is written and performed by our President, Dr. Sanford Shugart.

A small town couple discovers the world's largest potato, then survives a jealous beauty queen's attempts at sabotage with the help of a crazy farmer and a little magic We produced this film with Michelle Barnes. It was her MFA thesis project at Chapman University in California.

LIFE TO GO (15:04 min)
At Life To Go, we provide you with the perfect life. Custom fit to your needs. The ideal spouse, home, job and child are just a phone call away. We produced this film with some students from UCF.

This crazy little comedy was directed by five time Academy Award winner Robert Wise. Written by a student from FSU, it was crewed by our Valencia film students.

On Sunday, February 25th starting at 4:00PM, there will Short Subjects from Valencia's Digital Media Program.

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