'Ninjas vs. Pirates' Premiere at MegaCon
(released 2/13/2007)

The long awaited release of Ninjas vs. Pirates, iNterLude Films' latest ludicrous masterpiece is finally upon us.

This short film gives viewers a glimpse into the underground world of the Ninja and the Pirate. The members of N.A.N.A.P. (The National Alliance of Ninjas Against Pirates) have been called upon to defend their culture from the fearsome members of P.A.N.A.P. (Pirates Against Ninjas Against Pirates), while the pirates scour the land in search of their swift and silent opponent. It's only a matter of time before each meet their awaiting fate.

Filmed in Central Florida in late 2006 for under $4,000, this film features everything you could ever hope for - Action, Comedy, Drama, and Wenches - all rolled into one tight 20 minute package. Vocal god, Michael Winslow (Police Academy, SpaceBalls) also brings his vocal mastery to the film by providing all the character dialogue and sound effects.

The film's World Premiere will take place on Friday, February 16th, 2007 at the MegaCon Indie Film Expo located at the Orange County Convention Center. The Indie Film Expo is part of the bigger 2007 MegaCon Convention which will take place throughout the entire weekend of Feb 16-18.

There will be a filmmaker panel following the premiere that will showcase many participants in the Film Expo, including iNterLude Films' own John Theisen, who is also the writer/director of Ninjas vs. Pirates.

iNterLude Films will have a booth during the weekend's convention located in the Independent Press Section, Blue Section #10. Stop by to see them. Ninjas vs. Pirates DVD's (with bonus comic inside), t-shirts, and other NvP and iNterLude Films merchandise will be available for purchase. Michael Winslow will also be in attendance to help promote the film, sign autographs, take pictures, and chat it up with his loyal fans.

For questions and additional information, please e-mail them at interludefilms@aol.com.

Or visit www.interludefilms.com / www.myspace.com/interludefilms

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