Miami Stories - 90 Second Film Contest
(released 5/13/2019)

Miami Stories is a 90 second film contest. Start to the end of credits your film can not be longer than 90 seconds. The film can be shot on a phone or the latest greatest equipment, but two rules must be adhered to the first we went over is has to be 90 seconds only and the second rule has to be shot in Miami.

The selected film will get to screen at the 4th annual Miami Independent Film Festival in June at the Miami Beach Cinematheque. The audience will select the best film for a chance to win $500.

Rules and Terms as published:

Rules & Terms
- All Films must be not longer that 90 seconds, credits included
- All films must be shot in Miami
- We accept films of any year of production, any genre, any author
- All films accepted will be listed on our website
- All participants will be notified via email of acceptance by or before June 1st, 2019
- All films accepted will be screened during the annual event Mindie 2019
- All the films screened at the festival will be voted by the audience. The most voted film wins $500
- The contest is open to everyone. If you’re under 18, you will need to include a parent’s name and contact info
- Multiple entries are allowed. You can submit more than one film
- Films cannot be sexually explicit or violent in any way.
- Submissions in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.

The deadline to submit your films May 31, 2019. More details go here:

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