D7 Pilot Bound For New York TV Fest
(released 8/31/2006)

The second annual New York Television Festival begins September 12th and will include the independent pilot "Martti and Kim's Story of... [Abridged]" in the Educational category.  Executive producers Cameron Roberts and Greg S. Jones, co-founders of D7, Inc., will be in attendance.  The pilot is the only Florida submission to be accepted into the festival.

The pilot is a comedic documentary/ travel/ history show.  Martti Nelson and Kim Roberts are two crazy chicks with a knack for storytelling and a penchant for dressing up like weirdos. To feed both obsessions, they created "Martti and Kim's Story of... [Abridged]", in which they live the past! See them travel the globe and re-enact important and obscure moments in history. Especially the obscure ones.  The pilot episode was shot in St. Augustine, Florida, and is a funny romp through that city's colorful history.

D7, Inc. teamed up with Zuwiekis Rule! Pictures to produce the pilot.

D7 Inc. is a  full-service high definition production and post-production company specializing in documentaries, media for theme parks and museums, internal communications, and broadcast commercials.

To view samples of their recent projects, please visit http://www.d7-inc.com

Martti  and Kim's web page for the NYTVF:

D7, Inc. Contact: Cameron Roberts, 407-240-0677, cameron@d7-inc.com
The New York Television Festival:  www.nytvf.com

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