ideas Completes Audio Post for Lifetime Trilogy
(released 8/10/2006)

The award-winning post production audio group at i.d.e.a.s. has finished audio post on three movies for Lifetime. As part of its "My Story is on Lifetime" franchise, the cable network aired Stranded in June, Vanished in July with Break-In set to air on Sunday, August 13 at 8:00 p.m.

The first movie Stranded (Monday, June 5th) achieved a 2.1 rating and a 33 VPVH (viewers per viewing household) exceeding the normal Lifetime Monday Night Movie viewership by more than 11 percent. Vanished the second in the series did equally well on Sunday, July 16th with a 2.1 rating and a 39 VPVH.

Taking advantage of their multiple audio suites, the i.d.e.a.s. team completed all audio post for each of the two-hour movies in nine weeks. The i.d.e.a.s. team was responsible for sound design, dialogue editing, Foley, and final mix, as well as domestic and international delivery.

"We used our newly upgraded audio suites to handle the volume of work," said Rob Hill, Sr. Audio Mixer at i.d.e.a.s. "Having to crank through three HD movies in a relatively short period required some power and it was good to have the new Pro-Tools and the upgraded consoles to handle the quick turnaround."

Written by Matt Dorff and Executive Produced by Dorff and Bill O’Dowd, the trilogy was produced by Island Heat Productions Puerto Rico, LLC. Set in the Caribbean, the three made-for-television thrillers debuted with Stranded, starring Smallville's Erica Durance. The second movie, Vanished starred Criminal Minds' A.J. Cook while Break-In, the third film in the trilogy, featured Kelly Carlson from Nip/Tuck fame. All three movies featured Carlos Ponce (7th Heaven) as police inspector Raddimus.

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