Pink Sneakers Launches Another TV Series
(released 4/21/2006)

An Orlando-based company, Pink Sneakers Productions, is the force behind the latest News & Doc series on MTV. Tiara Girls, which premiered Wednesday, April 19th, are stand alone half hour episodes that document the surprisingly high-pressure world of beauty pageant contestants as they prepare and train for competition.

"We followed the struggles of several ambitious young women in their journeys to win what they believe to be the most coveted sign of success- a beauty pageant crown," said Kimberly Belcher Cowin, President & Owner of Pink Sneakers Productions and Executive Producer of Tiara Girls. "Our show gives you an up close and personal look into their world, where you will find out what motivates these young women, the often significant role that parents play in guiding their children's aspirations, how they deal with victory or loss, and how they explore their ultimate goals in living the life of a tiara girl."

Some of these girls hire special coaches for interviews and presentation. Most of these young ladies have competed in many, many pageants. Whether they've won or lost, they've got the ambition to keep pushing on.

Each episode of Tiara Girls will be followed by an exclusive after-show of deleted scenes and extended interviews available on MTV Overdrive, the network's broadband channel (

Pink Sneakers Productions also produce VH1's hit series Hogan Knows Best, starring Hulk Hogan and his family, now in its second season and preparing for a third. In addition to Hogan Knows Best, Pink Sneakers Productions is currently shooting a new series on over the top weddings. This show will also air on VH1.

Pink Sneakers Productions recently moved into a brand new, state-of-the-art 18,000 square foot office complex in Apopka. The uniquely decorated and themed offices include 10 edit suites and a full audio suite. Over 100 people are currently staffed at Pink Sneakers Productions and that number is expected to dramatically increase within the several years.

For more information on Pink Sneakers Productions, call 407-464-2040 or visit

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