KSFilms Premiered Delivery
(released 4/4/2006)

KSFilms had a successful screening of their latest film, Delivery, at the Aloma Bar and Grill Cinema on Wednesday, March 29th. According to Director Jose Cassella, "There was a full house in attendance and the reviews were universally positive. The Aloma Cinema managers are considering a second showing due to the size of the crowd."

Arrangements are being made for the film to also play at the Downtown DMAC and Enzian Theaters in the next few weeks and after that off to the distribution companies.

For extra news about the film or upcoming screening dates, check out the forums at www.ksfilms.com.

KSFilms is now gearing up for a second feature with a much larger budget entitled Second Coming. That film will begin pre-production at the end of April.

Go to the Photo Seen to see a couple photos from the screening.

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