Paul Sirmons Encourages New Legislation
(released 3/16/2006)

On Monday, March 13th, the State Film Commissioner Paul Sirmons made an appearance at a joint meeting between several industry organizations. To be more specific, Paul Sirmons was the reason for the meeting and he came from Tallahassee to speak about and garner support for the current bills going through the Florida state legislature.

There was about 100 people present... maybe 120.

He outlined the situation with our current film incentive and how it can be modified to work more smoothly and cater more towards the people that will use it. Some of the main points of the new bills (House Bill 1321 and Senate Bill 2110) would be changing from a cash-based appropriation to a transferable tax credit. The bills would also allocate funds into separate queues for: (a) film, television, and episodics, (b) TV pilots, and (c) commercial and music videos.

Attached is a handout outlining the bills proposing changes in the film incentive.

Proposed Incentive Changes (file is 309kb)

To view photos from the meeting, go to the Photo Seen.

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