No Budget Movie Company Completes The Session
(released 3/2/2006)

No Budget Movie Company has just completed "The Session," a drama starring local talents: Robyn Scrivener. Pat Clay, Pamella Bonilla, Tara Lightfoot, Cyndi Crotts, Kendra Farner, Marisol Cifuentes, Kenneth Matthews, Josef Slaughter, Dave Scott and Valensky Sylvain.

The film, which was shot entirely in Apopka, was written, produced and directed by Kenneth Matthews and photographed by Steve Kaczmarski.

"The Session" deals with life and the question... Are lives pre-ordained by something greater than ourselves, or simply a game of chance? Is it by fate, or karma that we are drawn to a complete stranger who holds in his hand our destiny?

No Budget Movie Company held a premiere screening on February 26th. The film has been entered in six film festivals.

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