Integrity Arts Films Begins Documentary
(released 2/24/2006)

Integrity Arts Films, a division of i.d.e.a.s. Entertainment, has begun pre-production on a feature length documentary based on "The China Study", the 2005 startling book written by T. Colin Campbell, PHD and Thomas M. Campbell II. The documentary will profile Dr. Campbell's life long research and his extraordinary findings about the direct connection between diet and disease. Canadian natural-health advocate, CalciYum! cookbook author and private investor David Bronfman has partnered with IAF to provide initial financing for the film.

"The China Study" is said to be the most comprehensive study of health and nutrition in the history of the medical community, containing compelling evidence that indicates the direct connection between the average American diet, especially the consumption of animal protein, and deadly ailments including cancer and heart disease.

"'The China Study", will raise the question, whether Dr. Campbell is right or not, why don't more people know about this important health information?" said Bob Allen, Principle Executive & Chief Storyteller, i.d.e.a.s., (the parent company of Integrity Arts Films), in making the announcement. The film will present experts from government agencies, private industry, universities and medicine in order to provide a balanced and often heatedly polar view of the topic.

Award-winning documentarian Patrick Fitzgerald, PhD has been retained as producer/director of the project. "It was important to find an extraordinary filmmaker such as Dr. Fitzgerald to honestly present the conflict between the veggie's and the carnivores", said Greg Galloway, Vice President, Entertainment for i.d.e.a.s. Fitzgerald has produced several groundbreaking programs for broadcast on PBS including "A Parliament of Minds" an 18 episode series on World Philosophy. "The film based on "The China Study", will take a close look at American eating habits and expand upon the ongoing debate between those who believe meat, fish and dairy consumption is healthy and necessary and those who are convinced good long-term health can only be found with a whole foods, plant-based diet", said Fitzgerald.

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