I Heart Flicks On Fairbanks
(released 2/2/2006)

Flicks on Fairbanks is having a special FOF this Monday, February 6th to get everyone in the mood for Valentines Day. It is entitled "I Heart Flicks on Fairbanks" and will screen a variety of lovely short films.

In case you haven't been, here's the deal. Admission is free. Doors open at 8pm. Movies start at 8:30. It's a coffee house, so guess what? There's coffee.

Here's what's screening:

"Callback" directed by UCF Film student Cristina Alicia; written by Ms. Alicia, Drew Lindo and Katie Talmont. Running time: 5 min. A girl holds auditions... for a new boyfriend.

From Los Angeles by way of FSU - "Charm" written and directed by Melissa Rossi. Running time: 11 min. A 2005 Student Academy Award - Winning Musical Comedy Romance!

"The Egg" written and directed by local filmmaker Brian Feldman. Running time: TBC. World Premiere. How far would you go to prove your vegan love?

From Brooklyn - "I Love My Cat" directed by Jacob Stacey-Schreier; written by Christopher D. Ford. Running time: 3 min 12 sec. A man loves his cat, but will the cat come back?

"Impressing Laura" written and directed by local filmmaker Joe Vitrella. Running time: 7 min. Man gets in over his head.

"In Step" written and directed by UCF Film student Jeffrey Ashkin. Running time: 3 min. A lonely guy wakes up one morning, takes a walk and falls in love, all seen from below the knee.

"Jasper" written and directed by local filmmaker J. Issac Royffe. Running time: 8 min. All he wanted was a friend.

"Katie & Kasey" written and directed by UCF Film graduate Kyla Tomlin. Running time: 5 min 15 sec. Kasey struggles to deal with her inability to publicly show affection for her girlfriend, Katie.

From Tampa - "The Libertines" directed by recent eIncubator winner Jon Wolding; written by Brandon Windish. Running time: 8 min 51 sec. Candles, flowers, romance... everything a girl would expect the night of her "first time." What's so terrifying about that?

"Picnic Serenade" written and directed by UCF Film student Phillip Chernyak. Running time: 5 min 31 sec. Three couples go on a picnic... and then something strange happens. Strange, but good.

Your host for "I Heart Flicks on Fairbanks" is Brian Feldman, who in-between movies and Q&A sessions with the directors in attendance, will offer up dating strategies for the benefit of those "unlucky in love."

In addition, there will be prize giveaways, a lovingly handcrafted commemorative souvenir program and candy hearts for all in attendance!

To learn more about Flicks on Fairbanks, visit http://www.flicksonfairbanks.com.

Austin Coffee and Film
929 W. Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, Florida 32789

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