Dino Productions Snags Sought After Screenplay
(released 12/4/2005)

After numerous options and purchase offers over the years, Florida writer John Drackett with the help of entertainment attorney Gregg Galloway finally sold his script Ticket Trouble to Dino Productions, Inc. Ticket Trouble was initially optioned for $5,000 just 30 days after the script was written and 2 weeks after it was registered with the WGA.

There were also several studios including 21st Century Fox which had interest in the script. The first time the screenplay was optioned was by German director Kohlie Frantzen who took Ticket Trouble out to LA for production, but allowed too much time to expire before the project could begin shooting and all rights reverted back to Drackett. Other offers were turned down before signing a short term option with Dino Productions, Inc. (a Central Florida based production company) this summer.

Upon expiration of that option on August 25th, Dino Productions attempted to renew the option for $5,000 which was rejected due to other offers to purchase the script.

According to Galloway, "There was one package offer to Drackett for $60,000."

In the end, it was a $25,000 cash offer by Dino Productions that won out to purchase all rights to the script.

Scott duPont, recently elected President of FMPTA, read the script and immediately compared it to a modern day version of Deliverance. duPont also noted since 60% of the action happens out in the woods (eliminating the huge costs of sound stages and expensive locations), that it could be a profitable Florida film which could be produced for under a million dollars through one of the brand new Screen Actor’s Guild low budget agreements.

Besides the possibility of two or three LA-based actors filling some supporting roles, almost all of the cast and crew will be local hires from Florida. Dino Productions hopes to go into production in early 2006 and will post casting notices for the film on www.greenroomorlando.com prior to any auditions. The film will be shot under a SAG Agreement.

At this point, no more crew calls please! For any other info on the film, please call Scott duPont at (407) 629-7268.

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