Peters Completes The Way Back Home
(released 11/21/2005)

Post production specialist Oliver Peters completed the editing and post production of The Way Back Home, which marks the first appearance of legendary actresses Julie Harris and Ruby Dee in the same production. The Way Back Home was written by and stars Michael H. King in a story about a big city lawyer who returns to his small town roots to take care of his grandmother after a stroke. In the process, he finds out what is truly important to him. The film was directed by Reza Badiyi, a noted director who has helmed more hours of dramatic television than any other DGA director.

Peters served as the film editor and post production supervisor over a process that included a technological milestone: the first use of the combination of the Sony HDCAM-SR advanced high definition video format and the Assimilate Scratch Digital Intermediate finishing system. Peters cut the film on an Avid edit system and then turned over the edit lists to Cineworks, a Miami film lab and post production facility. Cineworks retransferred the selected Super 35mm film scenes from the negative to the HDCAM-SR tapes. These shots were then loaded into their newly acquired Scratch DI system for final assembly and color-correction. The final output is recorded back to HDCAM-SR, which will then become the digital master for any future release prints used for theatrical presentation. This process provides a quality level comparable to film data scans, yet with more real-time steps throughout the process.

Peters pointed out, "Knowing that the film would be finished as a digital intermediate allowed us to use some techniques that would otherwise have been expensive opticals in traditional film approaches. For example, The Way Back Home has a number of flashback scenes. In these sequences I incorporated digital still photos that were originally designed only for use as set photos and production stills. The photographer had shot these using a motor drive mode which created their own interesting scenes when you flipped through them quickly. I cut in a series of these in rapid succession for a duration of two frames each, which gave us a real frenetic pace in these sections. We also turned the flashback scenes into black-and-white. Finally, there's one shot that used a special slow motion technique called optical flow. The shot gradually slows down, but the software creates new in-between frames, which results in a very fluid appearance that is almost dream-like."

The Way Back Home was produced by Michael H. King and Paul Sirmons through their two production companies, Back Home Productions and Forevermore Films.

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