Lights. Color. Lemons.
(released 11/16/2005)

Valencia started a trend a few years ago. Full Sail has done it a few times and UCF just used the very successful formula. Local students working with local pros.

UCF and local Orlando professionals recently united to make a short 35mm film. Senior Benjamin M. Piety and local producer Constantin Traian Preda were the driving forces behind The Lonely Lights. The Color of Lemons.

According to Piety, "It's a personal film reflecting both experiences from the past and strange, new feelings about making the transition into the professional film industry."

"It's been a real community experience," says Producer Constantin Traian Preda. "This production unites students, professionals, individuals wanting to break into the industry, local businesses, and actors from as far away as Tampa who all care about independent film production in Florida."

This original story written by Piety is an experimental narrative about the loss of innocence experienced through the faded memories of a young jogger. These memories are recalled through a series of vignettes brought to life with vivid texture and light.

The film was shot at Sweetwater Park in Oviedo, the DMAC in downtown Orlando, and the UCF soundstage. We had the opportunity of joining the cast and crew on another location at the Dr. Phillips High School track.

Approximately 50-70 joggers of all ages were used as extras. The lead, Alex Perez of Tampa, jogged around the track with a Chapman mobile crane in tow as the extra joggers ran counter and engulfed him. They worked this scene a few times as the temperatures turned from cool to hot approaching late morning. Everyone had a sweaty brow by the end.

We have included photos from our visit to their set. They are in the Photo Seen.

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