Going To The Movies, Be In One Instead
(released 9/27/2005)

When senior University of Central Florida film student Andrew Kenneth Gay needed a roller rink full of extras for the October production of his award-winning thesis script, "Melissa With A Heart Around It" (Best Short Screenplay, 2005 IVY FILM FESTIVAL), he turned to several area skating centers for help.

"Two of the three we approached wanted us to pay over $1,000 for six hours," says Kenneth Gay, whose last (and first) film, "Naked," made its world premiere at the 2005 Florida Film Festival in Maitland last Spring. "I could rent a Universal soundstage for a day at that rate!"

Remembering that the hit Central Florida-based indie movie "Monster" prominently featured a sequence in a local skating rink, Kenneth Gay decided to do some research. That lead him to the Semoran Skateway in Casselberry, where the "Monster" scenes were filmed.

"Debbie Moyer, the manager, couldn't have been more generous," Kenneth Gay says. "She was so excited to help a bunch of starving college students -- the only thing she asked was that if we ever made a ton of money off our film like the Blair Witch guys, we come back and donate some money to the Greyhound rescue she's involved in."

On October 7, 2005, Semoran Skateway will be open for business as usual, only on this night, guests will skate their way onto the big screen as "Extras-On-Wheels." Instead of charging the students an exorbitant rental fee they could never afford, Semoran has agreed to sell tickets as they always do: $8.50 with skate rental, $6.50 if guests bring their own skates. To encourage interest, Kenneth Gay and his production company Candle Fish Pictures will give away raffle tickets to each guest, with chances to win movie-themed prizes like DVDs and theater gift cards. And of course, everyone will have the opportunity to be credited in the film.

"I think it will a lot of fun," Kenneth Gay says. "It's a great way to do something different on a Friday night and add to your acting resume!"

For more information about "Extras-On-Wheels" or the film "Melissa With A Heart Around," visit the official movie website http://www.melissawithaheartaroundit.candlefishpictures.com.

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