Mayor Envisions Digital Media Village In Speech
(released 9/22/2005)

Buddy Dyer delivered the State of Downtown Orlando Address from the Grand Ballroom of Church Street Station on Tuesday, September 20th, 2005. Before taking the stage, Mayor Dyer took the audience on a tour of Downtown Orlando with the help of United Digital Films and Axis Magazine who contributed to the production of the mayor's cinematic tour of the city.

Once Dyer took the stage of the Grand Ballroom, he addressed the room filled with local business men and women, who ate lunch, while taking in the mayor's vision for the city. He intends to bridge the east and west of the downtown core. Projects underway include the Pathways For Parramore, the soon to be opened FAMU School of Law campus on Hughey, the increased development of condo towers anchored by new retail spaces, and Publix coming into the downtown core to service the area as a full service grocery store.

The mayor labeled transportation as 'critical' for the future of the city. 'Vision Into Action' was his new mantra. He spoke as a proponent for modernized community facilities thanking Orange County Mayor Crotty for pledging funds to help the citizens of Orlando have "our turn" when it came to having iconic civic identities. Ball parks, concert stadiums and quality facilities is "Investing in our Future," said the mayor.

The City of Orlando and Mayor Dyer envision a future in Digital Media. Dyer wants to see a Digital Media Village rise from the old expo property and surrounding parcels. A district rich with technology, gaming, entertainment business, retail, education, and residential. This district and in turn, our city would become world renowned for being a digital media village. In closing, Mayor Dyer thanked the city council and challenged the citizens of Orlando to "Think Bold! Think Big!"

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