Linda Andersson's Pilot Lands In Semi-Finals
(released 9/4/2005)

Orlando screenwriter Linda M. Andersson recently had a sitcom pilot "Misery Loves This Company" place in the semi-finals of the Scriptapalooza TV contest. Her pilot also placed as a Finalist in "The Spec Scriptacular" on

She also placed her short script "Clothes Minded" in the Top 300 (of 1024 entries worldwide) of the American Gem 4th / The Write Brothers Short Script Competition.

When asked how long she has been writing, this is what Linda had to say:

"I've been writing screenplays for about 2 years. Right before then, I had begun writing a novel and quickly realized that it wasn't the format for me, so I began converting the novel to screenplay format. I've written (3) shorts; (1) sitcom pilot; 2 parts of a 6 part drama mini-series that I'll be marketing to cable; and (1) feature with a co-writer. I currently have a romantic comedy that I'm writing that is in its first draft, and I have various other outlines that I'm working on."

Linda also previously wrote for local and regional music magazines mostly reviewing concerts and interviewing national acts.

Info about "Misery Loves This Company" - "The Deplenisher" (sitcom pilot):

Logline: When the new guy joins the Finley Plastics team, he quickly realizes how dysfunctional his new work family is.

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