Robert Carradine & John Ashton at CenFlo Film Fest
(released 8/31/2017)

The CENFLO Central Florida Film Festival is Labor Day weekend September 1-3, 2017. Features, Shorts, Documentaries, happy hours, panels, and workshops will be programmed through the three days. The festival takes place at West Orange Cinemas in Ocoee, Florida. The 12th annual event is the evolution of Bob Cook and Brandon Arrington who decided to produce a new film festival in the Central Florida area.

On Friday, catch the panel on HOW TO MARKET YOUR FILM. On Saturday night, a special screening of REVENGE OF THE NERDS will screen at 8p.m. and will be followed by a question and answer session with star Robert Carradine. Fans of local movements may want to catch the documentary screening of Great Florida Cattle Drive on Saturday at 11:45p.m.  On Sunday at 4p.m., a special screening of MIDNIGHT RUN will include a Q&A with star John Ashton.

The festival will conclude Sunday night with the CENFLO AWARDS SHOW. To follow the festival go to

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