NBC's "Fear Factor" to Invade Orlando
(released 6/16/2005)

Next season, "Fear Factor" will ditch Los Angeles and head out across the U.S. invading cities and towns to challenge fans to face their fears in an actual Fear Factor stunt on the fans' home turf their house. "Fear Factor Home Invasion" is coming to Orlando and 20 other selected cities across the country!

For any fan who sits in their living room on Monday nights yelling at the TV, "I could do that", now they can have the chance to be on TV and try a stunt - without even leaving their house! Each week, one household will get the chance to try an actual "Fear Factor" stunt during the one-hour show broadcast on NBC. The tradition of "Fear Factor's" outrageous prizes for proving that "fear is not a factor for you" will continue for "Home Invasion" winners.

Casting Directors are now searching for the single most energetic and fearless household in greater Orlando families, friends, or roommates to convert from "Fear Factor" watchers to "Fear Factor" participants. To apply, applicants should please send a recent picture of themselves, the other members of their household, and pictures of the inside and outside of their home to Orlando@fearfactor.com. In addition, they should state who lives in the house, what the relationship is between everyone, all their contact information, and why they feel their household is the one place in greater Orlando that should get "Fear Factor" to come pay them a visit. If selected, "Fear Factor" will turn the place where they WATCH the show, into the place where the show IS.

"Home Invasion" is just one of several changes going in to a massive re-launch of NBC's perennial hit during the 2005-2006 season. After 125 episodes, broadcast syndication in 98% of America and 100 different countries around the globe - from Africa to Argentina to the United Arab Emeritus the "Fear Factor" recipe will have an all new taste and look when fresh episodes return in the 2005-2006 season. "Home Invasion" is the most highly anticipated new ingredient.

The iconic "Fear Factor" will now pit two-person teams against each other with a variety of extreme challenges in exotic locations in the hope of taking home cash prizes of at least $50,000 and more for new multi-episode, multi-week competitions. In addition, the show will continue its reputation for unpredictable fantasy prizes - like red carpet invitations to Hollywood premieres, trips around the world, a garage stocked with new cars, and the chance to fly a fighter jet over Russia.

All Orlando households that think they have what it takes to roll out the welcome mat and bring "Fear Factor" in to their house can get additional instructions and complete details by emailing Orlando@fearfactor or by visiting http://www.fearfactor.com and clicking on "Apply" at the top of the page.

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