Movie Premieres at the DMAC
(released 6/2/2005)

On Thursday, June 16th, several locally produced movies will be holding their premiere screenings at the DMAC in Orlando. The screenings will begin at 7:30pm and run until approximately 9:30pm. Below is a schedule of the movies (in order) and contact info for the DMAC.

1. THE body spray commercial (Directed by Timothy Balko)
Adam accidently attracts his girlfriend's father when he buys the wrong type of body spray at the store.

2. Hornets Nest (Directed By Timothy Balko)

3. Anniversary (Directed By Kirk Murray)
A series of events alters one man's thoughts of a complex relationship with his girlfriend. Story is told with no dialogue.

4. Stock Morals (Directed By Timothy Balko)
What would you do if you found 20 bucks?

5. Sirius Black Trailer (Harry Potter spoof) (Directed by Timothy Balko)
12 years before his escape from azkaban prison, Sirius Black tracks down his former friend Peter Pettigrew and corners him in a muggle alley. The insuing battle ends with peter escaping and sirius framed with murder.

6. A Very MARY Christmas (Directed By Kirk Murray)
Chuck hates giving speeches. and hates his aunts crazy Christmas parties. But when forced to go to another of Aunt Mary's parties, and give a speech, He fights back. Along the way, he learns about growing up and finding love...In the oddest of places!

Short 10 minute intermission

Death Rents Here (Directed by Timothy Balko)
Edmond Barlows likes things quiet, but when the grim reaper rents out a room in his home, he discovers one thing: Roommates are a killer!

Life After (Short) (Directed By Kirk Murray)
David Somner lost his life to an accident. Determined to get back to the living, he plummets through his memories to fight to get back what he once lost. Beating all odds, he finds a way back. Only then learning the most important lesson that life couldn't offer him.

Downtown Media Arts Center
39 S. Magnolia Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801
Thursday, June 16th, 2005

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