Epic Film Slam on Sunday, March 13
(released 3/9/2016)

Film Slam will be held March 13, 2016 at the Enzian. Sunday grab your movie theater seat and prepare to see local talent screenings. The Slam released the picture show's running flicks list with the declarative theme "EPIC". Here is a look at the films:

Dragon Child (2015)
Writer/Director/Producer: Dale Metz
Running Time: 4:04
Synopsis: A young woman's carefree stroll on the coast takes a terrifying turn in this fantasy period short film. "Dragon Child" was selected by the Melbourne Independent Film Festival to be scored by Adam Lydon and was screened in concert with the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

Sundown (2015)
Writer/Director: Zac Simon; Producer: D.J. Rivera
Running Time: 15:17
Synopsis: Sundown is about one man's quest to make peace with his own past before time runs out. Through coming to the aid of a family in need, Theo Hannah races against the apocalypse to redeem the sins of his past.

House of Mouse Cards (2015)
Writers: Brendan Jackson Rogers, Will Phillips; Director: Brendan Jackson Rogers; Producers: Brendan Jackson Rogers, Will Phillips
Website: www.facebook.com/andyoufilms
Running Time: 3:15
Synopsis: In this parody of Netflix's "House of Cards," a new character enters the 2016 presidential race. The ruthless Mick Undermouse is a mash-up of politician Frank Underwood with cartoon icon Mickey Mouse – and he will stop at nothing to achieve the white house!

Life in Color (2016)
Writer/Director/Producer: Christine Hitt
Website: http://www.lifeincolor.com/
Running Time: 14:30
Synopsis: A young woman, who has faced great tragedy, meets a man who reinvigorates her life with the vitality she has been longing for. Her emotional state is shown through the dress she wears throughout the film changing colors.

The Exam (2016)
Writer: Luke Zammit; Director: Yue Wang; Producer: Eric King
Running Time: 2:15
Synopsis: While sitting for an important exam, a frustrated student glares at his un-answered questions. As he looks up from his paper he notices everything around him is frozen. He is now faced with moral decision of whether to use this opportunity to cheat or not...

Writer/Director: Adriel Jimenez; Producer: Adriel Jimenez, Jessica Southwell
Running Time: 11:00
Synopsis: A monster-battling task force must defend their city from a gargantuan beast while facing the even more daunting task of living up to their predecessor.

Dead World (2016)
Writer: Shane Hartline; Director: Adam Arnali; Producer: Shane Hartline
Website: http://www.zerodarkcinema.com/
Running Time: 1:25
Synopsis: After an alien race ravaged the planet a few humans still carry on the fight.

The Great Enz (2016)
Writer/Director: Larry Hardnett; Producer: L. Crawford Norman
Running Time: 7:36
Synopsis: Using a foundation based on community to build up what is now known as Enzian Cinema Cafe, Henry Maldonado takes us through the love of film and how its presented in one of Orlando's backyard treasures.

The Enzian is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland, Florida. The screenings begin at 1:00p.m. and tickets can be obtained at the box office or online via http://www.enzian.org/festivals/filmslam

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