Mike & Molly's Billy Gardell in town this Weekend
(released 2/15/2016)

Billy Gardell will be at Gardell Bros Pizza on February 20, 2016 from 4p.m. to close and Sunday, February 21st from noon to close. Gardell is a stand up comedian who worked his chops in Central Florida before becoming the CBS star of Mike and Molly.

Gardell Bros Pizza is a joint venture for the Gardells, Billy and brother Brian. Growing up in Pittsburgh, the Gardells have some opinions about food and the two have a knack for talking it up with patrons. The restaurant, now open in south Orlando, is welcoming and full of brotherly love. The food will make your belly smile too.

The Gardell Bros Pizza is located at 13586 Village Park Drive, Orlando Florida.  Call an order in today or stop by this weekend for pizza, community, and a star sighting. (407) 704-6867.

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