Help Banks Helfrich Make an Elephant Movie
(released 6/24/2015)

Orlando filmmaker Banks Helfrich has made numerous films in his time.  He consistently creates unique works, not that others aren't unique as well, but his films embody something different.

Banks is raising funds for his next feature, The Man Who Mistook His Hands For Elephant Feet.  This is being done slightly differently as well.  He is crowdfunding, but without the assistance of the current standards Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Banks is doing it on his own.  He is taking donations through Paypal.  He started this campaign in April and is nearing his self-created deadline of July 1.  He is looking to raise $12,000 to shoot 5 days in October with a crew of 7 and cast of 16.  As of this writing, he has raised $9729.10.

One of the perks is being a walk on extra in the film, so if you are starting out, you may want to donate and take him up on the offer.  Pay to be in a film you say?  Yes.  To get started in stand up comedy or music in Los Angeles or New York, comics and bands pay to get stage time.  If you need a credit and want to get on screen, even if for only a second, this is one way to do it.

Check out his website at and donate.

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