Next Film Slam is Sunday March 15
(released 3/10/2015)

The next Film Slam is Sunday, March 15 at 1:00 p.m. at the Enzian Theater.  There will be seven short films screened.  For those unfamiliar, the Film Slam is a monthly screening event and competition by which a winner is determined by audience voting.  There is no entry fee for filmmakers to submit their short films.  For more details, go to

Below are the films in competition on March 15.

Wild Card (2015)
Director: J LaRose; Producer/Writer: Daniel Wachs
Running Time 4 minutes
Synopsis: A father and daughter working on a top-secret government project. He made a discovery that is so earth-shaking that he must hide it from her. Will she learn the truth?

To Be Or Not To Be (2015)
Director/Writer/Producer: Adam Arnali
Running Time 4:17; Website
Synopsis: Thomas Flood throws a message in a bottle out to sea in hopes that his true love will find it. Later, Thomas has a vision where he had super water powers that he needs to rescue his true love from a gang.

Living Positive (2014)
Director: Michelle Wang; Producer: Kathleen Quillian
Running Time 7:20; Website
Synopsis: Rose works with SWAP Kenya near Kisumu, selling water purification products door to door and educating people on living a long, healthy life with HIV.

Redemption Road (2015)
Director/Writer/Producer: Mike McGowan Writer Mike McGowan
Running Time 5:02
Synopsis: A man finds a mysterious package at a deserted gas station, and is plagued by the following questions: should he open it or return it to the address?

The Deaths of Jamie Smith (2015)
Director: Jordan Loscalzo, Steve Jean-Jacques; Writer: Steve Jean-Jacques
Running Time: 9:58

A Hero Within (2014)
Director: Allison Collins; Writer: Eliseo Salgado, Hayden Mason
Running Time: 10:46

M-Theory (2014)
Director/Writer/Producer: TL Westgate
Running Time 15:14; Website
Synopsis: In the near future, two scientists use m-theory (the physics theory that unifies all current superstring theories) to create a scientific breakthrough. But their first test starts a catastrophic chain of events and only a lone messenger can help them avoid destroying the world.

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