Until Tomorrow wins January Film Slam
(released 1/15/2015)

The January Film Slam took place on Sunday the 11th.  The winning film by audience voting is Until Tomorrow.  Since it won, it will continue on to this year's Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase.  Until Tomorrow was originally created for the End of Days Apocalyptic Film Challenge, a 30 day contest which took place last fall.

Until Tomorrow was directed by Dale Metz (pictured below), written by Michelle Brown, and produced by both Metz and Brown.

The cast includes: Jeremy Kaminsky, Lori Katz, Michael Berthold, Megan Brown, Michael Santi, Keely Wilson, Ashley Wilson, Hannah Malone, Austin Malone, Victoria Moreno, Tre'len Johnston.

Rounding out the top 3 short films are WPRK in second place and Envoi in third.  WPRK is a documentary about the Rollins College radio station.  It was created by the team of John Berggren, Rich Higgins, and Drew Henner.  Envoi is the work of Adrian Traurig and Jeremiah Gonda.  It was created for Project Greenlight.

The next Film Slam takes place on Sunday, February 8th at the Enzian Theater.  For more info, go to enzian.org.

Check the PhotoSeen for more photos from the January Film Slam.

Dale Metz (holding mic) and other filmmakers during the Q&A at the January Film Slam at the Enzian Theater
Dale Metz (holding mic) and other filmmakers during the Q&A at the January 11th Film Slam at the Enzian Theater.

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