Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase - November 22-23
(released 11/20/2014)

The 23rd Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase takes place this Saturday and Sunday at the Enzian Theater.  All of the films were produced in Florida with a large portion comprised of work from film students.

The 2 day event is broken down into 4 programs; 2 on each day.  Tickets are $5 per program or $10 for the entire showcase.  Find out more including directions at

Program 1: Saturday 11:00am
Baby Psycho - Written/Directed/Produced by Nicholas Reifler, Trinity Prep, 5:35
Listen Locally: The Story of Homegrown Roots - Written/Directed/Produced by Danielle Selbo, Daytona State College, 4:56
Come Monday - Co-written/Co-produced/Directed by Tommy Demos, Co-written by Steve Roitstem, Co-written/Co-produced by Ralf Gonzalez, Miami Dade College, 4:10
My Girl Rose - Written/Directed by Jordan Lewis, Produced by Kyara Lombre, FSU, 13:39
Books - Written/Directed/Produced by Cameron Miller, Trinity Prep, 4:17
My Words Are No Longer Lace - Written/Directed/Produced by Megan Malone, Dr. Phillips HS, 3:27
Kung Fu Crab - Written/Directed/Produced by Kimberly Newman,  Ringling College of Art and Design, 2:17
Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors - Written/Directed/Produced by Gang Yi, Garrett O’Neal & Bryan Locantore, Ringling College of Art and Design, 4:30
Passion - Written/Directed/Produced by Kelly Zak, University of Central Florida, 9:48
Visitant - Written/Directed/Produced by Angel Callahan,  Dixie Hollins High School, 3:59
One Night, In An Alley - Written/Directed by Brandon Pickering &  Matt Cairns, Co-produced by Michael Cairns & Ralph R. Clemente, Valencia College, 12:14
SP #14 - Written/Directed/Produced by Carl Knickerbocker, 2:32
Dan Behind His Eyes - Written/Directed/Produced by Sheri Kebbel, Full Sail, 17:45, Winner – October FilmSlam

Program 2: Saturday 1:15pm
Beer Battle - Written/Directed/Produced by Hunter Truman, FSU, 7:13
Working Title - Written/Directed/Produced by Aaron Gauger,  Dixie Hollins HS, 4:50
The Show Must Go On - Written/Directed by Jason Heinrich, Produced by Full Sail Studios, Full Sail, 15:07
Closer To Me - Written/Directed by Jeptha Valcich, Produced by Claudia Valcich, Dr. Phillips HS, 3:49
Living Through A Screen - Written/Directed/Produced by Crystal Carter,  Daytona State College, 2:17
ASL - Written/Directed by Marissa Vonn,  Produced by Chuck Kerr, 6:18
Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou - Written/Directed by Michael Bidinger &  Michelle Kwon, Produced by Sarah Kambara, Ringling College of Art and Design, 3:52
Down The Road - Written/Directed by David DeRienzo, Produced by Sarah Glaze, UCF, 10:00,  Winner – September FilmSlam
Downtown Orlando - Written/Directed/Produced by Ryan Lester, Dr.  Phillips HS, 3:03
Piano Lessons - Written/Directed/Produced by Joshua Kahky,  Trinity Prep, 1:50
Faster Does It - Written/Directed/Produced by Cameron Tuech,  Winter Park HS, 5:08
Behind The Image - Written/Directed by Byron Leon & April Moore, Produced by Byron Leon, FSU, 12:57
HTM-Hell - Written/Directed/Produced by Ariel Zengotita,  14:42, Winner – May FilmSlam

Program 3: Sunday 11:00am
It's About Time - Co-written/Directed by Mark Pulaski, Co-written/Produced by Crystal Esparza, Miami Dade College, 11:00
Scary Video - Written/Directed/Produced by Carson Vitug,  Dr. Phillips HS, 2:43
Golem - Written/Directed/Co-produced by Woodruff Laputka, Co-produced by Tehben Dean, 7:08, Winner – June FilmSlam
Make It Better - Written/Directed/Produced by Jeff Turek,  Daytona State College, 3:09
Whatever We Want To Be - Written/Directed by Stephanie Williams,  Produced by Jessica Swalchick, FSU, 14:17
Off The Rails - Written/Directed/Produced by Justin Tirado,  Ringling College of Art and Design, 2:15
Of Mice And Moon - Written/Directed/Produced by David Brancato,  Ringling College of Art and Design, 2:13
Abandoned Love - Directed/Produced by Sarah Allsup, Daytona State College, 5:18
No. 2 - Written/Directed/Produced by Joshua Kahky,  Trinity Prep, 7:00
Wee Wanderings: FLA - Written/Directed/Produced by Yson Lorane Dickerson, UCF, 10:20
DraculAIDS - Written/Directed/Produced by James Noir, UCF, 6:30
Life In Darkness - Written/Directed by  Mike Collins, Produced by Lacie Ratliff, UCF, 11:39, Winner – July FilmSlam
Billy The Fetus - Written/Directed/Produced by Ariel Zengotita, 7:36

Program 4: Sunday 1:15pm
For Better Health Or Better Profits? - Written/Directed/Produced by Jaime Michael Saure, Rollins College, 15:14
The 14th - Written/Directed/Produced by Drew Almstead & Brock Marjama, Dr. Phillips HS, 3:40
My Verse - Written/Directed by Wilson Santos, Produced by Infinity Features, Full Sail, 6:03, Winner – February FilmSlam
The Fight For Life And Love - Directed/Produced by Maria Morrison, Daytona State College, 4:02
Barney And Ace - Written/Directed by Alvaro Orozco, Produced by Chris Fernandez, Miami Dade College, 4:24
Hard Day's Work - Written/Directed/Produced by Morgyn Perry, Dixie Hollins HS, 4:00
Stop - Written/Directed/Produced by Ethan Kobrin,  Trinity Prep, 1:16
Fix - Written by Steven Craig Moss, Directed by Colton Moyer, Produced by Full Sail, 8:54, Winner – March FilmSlam
Banana Trip - Written/Directed by Hyungjik Lee, Produced by Josh Cartwright, FSU, 8:38
The Legend Of The Flying Tomato - Written/Directed/Produced by Sharon (Yi Ting)  Huang, Aurry (Si Ting) Tan & Michael Yates, Ringling College of Art and Design, 4:30
Filthy Dreamers - Co-written/Co-directed by Lisa Mills, Co-written by Carter Howard & Rachel White, Co-directed by Robert Cassanello, Produced by Will Chorvat, Jason Clarke, Orlando Porro, Amber Norell, & Beverly Nwokoye, UCF, 24:43

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