Final Film Slam of the 2014 Season is October 19th
(released 10/7/2014)

The final Film Slam of the 2014 season is Sunday, October 19th.  The screening starts at 1pm at the regular place, the Enzian Theater.  The winner of this slam and all the others from earlier this year will move on to the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase.  That 2 day event happens in November.  For more info on the Film Slam, check out  Here is the lineup of short films that will play on the 19th.

In the Amber (2014)
Director/Writer/Producer: Kelly Zelna
Running Time: 8:40
Synopsis: Exploring how the decisions we all make impact each other, three characters discover that the smallest choice you make can change the rest of someone's life.

Apparition (2014)
Director/Writer: Glenn Bain; Producer: Chris Tharp & Glenn Bain
Running Time: 4:48
Synopsis: An unnamed, elite soldier tracks his opponent through an uncharted frontier.

DraculAIDS (2014)
Director/Writer/Producer: James Noir
Running Time: 6:30; Website:
Synopsis: An undead bachelor, must reconsider his never-ending life when creeping death finally bites back.

One Single Butterfly (2014)
Director/Producer: Nickolas Wolf & Kimberlee Wolf; Writer: Kimberlee Wolf
Running Time:2:14
Synopsis: Memories are different for everyone. You can still have memories of lost loved ones, even if you never met them. Memories are what you make of them, even if they are not your own.

The Rules (2014)
Director/Writer/Producer: Dale Metz & Ted Souppa
Running Time: 4:52; Website:
Synopsis: An early morning interruption from an obnoxious visitor turns into something very unexpected for a woman with insomnia.

Dan Behind His Eyes (2014)
Director/Writer/Producer: Sheri Kebbel
Running Time:17:45; Website:
Synopsis: Dan Ellis was stricken and "locked in" with ALS. Unable to move or speak, he turned to art, and to his thirteen-year-old daughter Gina.

One Way Out (2014)
Director: Miles Berman; Writer: Kevin Bracey; Producer: Anthony J. James
Running Time: 8:27; Website:
Synopsis: Jonas and Lizzy are low on food, water, and time! Dying would be life's end. But, can love last when death has no value anymore...

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