48 Hour Film Project Screening Time in Orlando
(released 9/9/2014)

The 48 Hour Film Project held its annual zany event in Orlando on the weekend of August 22-24th.  It is now time for the screenings to see what everyone delivered.  There are premiere screenings on Wednesday and Thursday as well as a Best of Screening on Sunday, September 14 from 3-7pm.  All screenings are at the Plaza Cinema Cafe in downtown Orlando.  Tickets are available through Event Brite.

The premiere screenings are split up into 2 groups.  Group A screens at 7:30pm on Wednesday, Sept 10th and 9:15pm on Thursday, Sept 11th.  Group B screens at 9:15pm on Wednesday, Sept 10th and 7:30pm on Thursday, Sept 11th.  There are passes available to attend both screenings each night.  The groups are broken down below.

Group A
3(c) Productions, Sabrina Hall
Aviators, Michael Payol
Competition Film Makers, Robert Hallaran
Creative Inlet Films, TL Westgate
DM Productions, Dale Metz
Flinger Films, Allen Paschel
Make Believe, Cliff Erickson
MakeDo Productions, Colin Krawchuk
NAB Entertainment, Neil Bernard
O'Pen Head Films, Matt Arpen
TDPro & AAE, Trent Duncan
ValiantLab, John Gotschall

Group B
All Over The Place Productions, Damian Garcia-Sarraff
DestinyBender, Gaetano Fasulo
Faithful FEW Inc., Bryan Cobaris
Kafkaesque, Pierce Kafka
Majesty Film Group, Nidal El Rimawi
One Lizard, Claire Miller
Potato, Eric Thompson
SGMM Productions, Marie Moore
Something 2 Say Productions, Daniel LeRoy
The Dandy Cough-Men, Dusty Socarras
The Gang, Justin Connors
Xtreme Fun, Steven McCabe

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