The Film Slam has its July 20th Lineup
(released 7/13/2014)

Below are the short films screening at next Sunday's Film Slam.  Tickets are always $5 and the show starts at 1pm.  Enzian Theater hosts the event.  Get more info at their website -

Ten Minutes (2014)
Director: Dave Lepage & Ted Souppa; Writer: Ted Souppa; Producer: Dave Lepage & Ted Souppa
Running Time : 16:37
Synopsis: An ex-mob enforcer and a corrupt cop conspire to kill a child predator, but they underestimate him and the situation begins to spiral out of control.

Life in Darkness (2014)
Director/Writer: Mike Collins; Producer: Lacie Ratliff
Running Time: 11:00; Website:
Synopsis: Upon waking from a life-threatening car accident, two brothers, Adam and Greg, are forced to overcome their troubled past and work together when they realize their world is being haunted by dark, mysterious spirits.

Chasing Jonah - It Wouldn't Be Right (2014)
Director/Writer: Shane Harper; Producer: Shane Harper & Ashley Dudukovich
Running Time: 4:12;Website:
Synopsis: A music video project--completed by the volunteer efforts of 75 artists and technicians--tells the story of a young lady coming to terms with the realities of life compared to the fantasy she envisioned as a young girl playing with dolls.

One Night, In An Alley (2014)
Director/Writer/Producer: Matt Cairns and Brandon Pickering
Running Time: 12:14; Website:
Synopsis: Two of the world's most intelligent and masterful criminals attempt to rob a bank at night. Their efforts are a complete success and they get away with thousands of dollars.

Billy the Fetus (2014)
Direcotr.Writer/Producer: Ariel Zengotita
Running Time: 7:36
Synopsis: A dark comedy about the difficult choices parents must make. Set in the near future, the narrative revolves around a young boy who suddenly discovers that his parents no longer want him.

SP #11
Director/Writer/Producer: Carl Knickerbocker
Running Time: 2:45
Synopsis: Cave art. Masks… perhaps tribal. Anthropological connection to contemporary super hero or dilemma of multiple selves? Maybe the modern madness of identities. Part of a series of philosophical shorts.

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