Ed McMahon's Next Big Star
(released 10/15/2000)

The initial taping for Ed McMahon's Next Big Star took place Saturday, October 14th at Universal Studios.  Audience members were excited with anticipation to see what was going to happen at Soundstage 23.  Some were hoping to be picked out of the audience for their next big chance.  Others were entertained by Ed McMahon's presence and storytelling, which he has been perfecting for over 50 years.  He has been recognized with The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, brought worldwide attention to Alpo and Budweizer, and already helped many a starling performer with his very own Star Search.

Next Big Star is the first of its kind.  The original idea behind the show comes from the convergence of TV and Internet.  For 40 days, Ed McMahon was on the road with his crew scouting out talent throughout the US.  The top performers in 10 categories were selected and posted to the website www.nextbigstar.com.  From there, web viewers from around the globe were given the chance to vote for their favorite performer.  This is when the TV comes into play.  The top votegetters from the internet got to perform in front of a studio audience and get voted upon by audience members.  Keep checking the website to find out who won.  A special appearance was made by Island recording artist Cisqo.

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