Enzian Screens Adira - Local Alums Feature
(released 5/23/2014)

Bradley J. Lincoln (Full Sail University graduate) and Irene Delmonte (Florida native and LHHS graduate) are hosting a screening event for their feature film Adira. You can see it at the Enzian Theater on Saturday, May 31st. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased online via PayPal on their website: www.hiddendistrict.net

Adira has a run time of approx. 80 minutes and will start at 12:30 PM.

Synopsis: "Set in WWII Germany during the systematic imprisonment and genocide of millions of innocent people, mostly Jewish. Adira is a young Jewish girl who flees from the grasp of the Gestapo and finds herself stranded on an abandoned farm. Yearning to be reunited with her parents, she must learn to survive with only her faith and basic instincts keeping her alive."

This is a special event and they are currently only selling tickets online.

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