May the 4th Be with the Film Slam
(released 5/1/2014)

The Film Slam is coming a week early.  Usually the second Sunday of each month, event producer Tim Anderson has informed us that the next Slam is going to be on Star Wars Day, aka this Sunday, May 4th.

The rest is the same.  The place is the Enzian Theater in Maitland.  The time is 1:00pm.  The ticket price is $5.  And the why?  Because you support local independent filmmakers like yourself.

If you are interested in getting your short film screened in a future installment, go to and read more about the monthly contest.  Below are the shorts being screened this Sunday.

Public Spaces (2013)
Writer/Director: Lindsay Imwold; Producer: University of Salford, Lindsay Imwold
Running Time: 12 minutes; Website:
Synopsis: A documentary exploring the repercussions of continual human development into formerly natural areas, focusing on how this process visibly affects a few local Central Florida species as well as their human neighbors.

It Waits (2014)
Writer/Director: Robert J. Massetti; Producer: Robert J. Massetti, Jason Daly and Steven Shea
Running Time: 9:08; Website:
Synopsis: A down on her luck girl encounters a mischievous demon released in her apartment. But is the demon real or just another prank by her deadbeat roommate.

Red Fingerpaint (2013)
Writer/Director: Loren Marie Story; Producer: Joshua G. Story
Running Time: 6:42; Website:!red-fingerpaint/conw
Synopsis: In 1956, a girl tells the future through finger painting. After tragically losing their mother, she and her brother must escape a secret government organization while trying to deduce if she is the cause of the events she predicts, or merely their herald.

HTM-HELL (2013)
Writer/Director/Producer: Ariel Zengotita
Running Time: 14:42
Synopsis: Set in a dystopian society of the near future, one man must rise against the evil corporation that enslaved his people in a last attempt to save mankind. But is it already too late? Yes it is, friend. Yes it is...

Cope (2013)
Writer/Director/Producer: Andrew Dean
Running Time: 4:43
Synopsis: After being held as a prisoner of war for almost two years, David Wells returns to civilian life and learns his pain is a permanent part of him.

Damn Fine Cup (2013)
Writer/Director/Producer: Jeppy Bass
Running Time: 12:59
Synopsis: A listless drug addict at odds with his habit decides to chase his addiction down the rabbit hole by thieving his dealer of his drug supply.

Sponge (2014)
Writer: The Bassin Brothers; Director: Jay Bassin; Producer: Jay Bassin, Richard Yamcek
Running Time: 7:28; Website :
Synopsis: A dedicated high school student becomes entangled in a web of "danger" and "crime" amidst a classroom law simulation to dismantle an elaborate fictitious crime ring.

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