"Focus on Locals" Calling All Locals
(released 3/6/2014)

On Monday, March 10, 2014, the "Focus on Locals" series begins to outline production.

All members of the film industry are encouraged to come out and participate in a collaboration of local filmmakers.

The goal is to gather film makers into six teams. Each team will also have the addition of one local performer. They will spend a weekend together and produce a short film that explores the local performer. Think 48 hour film style film making.

This "Focus on Locals" filmmaker collaboration is under the direction of Robin Cowie (Blair Witch) who has just been named Creative Director for the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center. Cowie grew up in the theater with family in Vaudeville, Theater, and Film.

Filmmakers are asked to be at the Melrose Center in the Downtown Orlando Library at 7:00p.m. Monday night if interested in being on one of the teams.

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