Film Slam is January 12th at the Enzian
(released 1/8/2014)

The next Film Slam is Sunday, January 12th beginning at 1pm.  This is the second installment of the season, which actually began in December.  The Film Slam takes place at the Enzian Theater at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland.  Tickets are $5.

Below are the films in competition.  For those new to Film Slam, it is a monthly short film competition in which a winner is chosen by audience voting.  Entry for filmmakers is free.  If you are interested in having your short film exhibited and judged by your peers, go to

Marry Me (2013)
Director/Producer/Writer: Isiah Miller
Running Time: 12:19; Website:
Synopsis: Scott and Alison are a young couple that grow closer every day. But when Scott proposes to her on his birthday, will Alison stick around?

Crazy For Your Love (2013)
Director: Vincent Demarco; Producer: Demarco Films; Writer:  Manuel Jayko Cortinas / Chrissy Rosatone
Running Time: 5:07; Website:
Synopsis: Crazy For Your Love is a story of young emotion, jealousy and revenge. Add fame into the mix and you have two lovers with immense egos. Witness them go through public attacks on each other. How ever in this romance, love brings them back together.

Paracosm (2013)
Director: Hanni Vu; Producer/Writer Bianca Ungerman
Running Time: 7:04
Synopsis: A fantasy centered around imaginary friend, Ash, and his journey to return to the Earth and reunite and marry his human, Amy. After he loses his memory, it is up to Amy to discover why he is back.

Moving On (2013)
Director: Kris Truini; Producer/Writer: Rebecca Blair
Running Time: 18:48; Website:
Synopsis: When former US Marshal, Will Jacob is murdered, suspects include a terrorist he single handily tracked down 15 years ago. Will's wife and son may also be targets. In this time of loss, fear and anger, things suddenly become clear in the darkest moments.

How to Make a Woman Wet (2013)
Director/Writer John Hammen Jr.; Producer: Full Sail University
Running Time 3:13; Website
Synopsis: A man has one chance to impress a beautiful woman with his wits and charm, without skipping a beat the woman finds out something else is A-foot.

SP #10 (2013)
Director/Producer/Writer: Carl Knickerbocker
Running Time: 2:45; Website
Synopsis: The Big Bang and Enlightenment. Different views of origins and explanations. Part of a series of art/puppet shorts examining the human condition in the Suburban Primitive style of art.

Scandalous (2013)
Director/Producer/Writer: Chris Williamson
Running Time: 5:21
Synopsis: Jennifer learns the true nature of her fiancé when out on a date at a fine restaurant. What kind of secrets could he be keeping?

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