August Film Slam is Sunday 11th
(released 8/4/2013)

The next Film Slam is Sunday, August 11th at 1pm at the Enzian Theater.  There are seven short films in competition.  As always, the winner is chosen by balloted audience ratings.  Tickets are $5.00.  If you are interested in submitting your short film for a future Film Slam competition, go to

The Enzian Theater is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland.

Here are the seven shorts and their principals.

Crust (2012)
Writer Perry Wilson
Director Perry Wilson
Producer Tim Ritter
Running Time 1 minute
Another dreary morning means another typical meal for a bored husband. This may be the breakfast that brings some change, though — he's prepared to make sure of it.

Our Town (2013)
Writer Michelle Brown
Director Kathleen Bossart
Producer Michelle Brown
Running Time 14:36
Synopsis: Our Town is based in 1957. It is about a group of kids that witness a murder in a small town. The story follows them as they try to stop the person that committed this crime.

Vann – Pilot (2013)
Writer Rich Belsan
Director Rich Belsan
Producer Rich Belsan
Running Time 5:00
Synopsis: In this pilot for the upcoming web series, two roommates, Vann and Laura, debate whether a single flaw with Laura's latest date is enough to dump an otherwise great guy.

Haunted Hijinks (2013)
Writer Nicholas Slade
Director Nicholas Slade
Producer Nicholas Slade and Jacob Henry
Running Time 7 Minutes
Synopsis: Haunted Hijinks follows the antics of Chuck and Herb after they take a job to hunt down a ghost in this black and white silent comedy.

Validation Theory (2013)
Writer Ermir Bakraci
Director Ermir Bakraci
Producer Jared Ross King
Running Time 6:54
Synopsis: A couple's relationship begins to quickly unravel when the discovery of a nursing home brochure causes their hidden intentions and subdued sentiments come to light.

The Door (2013)
Writer Randy Larioz
Director Randy Larioz
Producer Randy Larioz
Running Time 15:31
Synopsis: A psychological thriller about a man walking down a long, silent country road unaware of how, or why he is there. Soon a mysterious door appears out of nowhere, unlocking his recent past and ultimately sealing his fate.

Waiting (2012)
Writer Chris Beemer
Director Chris Beemer
Producer Chris Beemer
Running Time 6:57
Synopsis: A man gets a phone call late at night from his wife requesting a small favor... To go into the attic. He knows something waits for him in the darkness.

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