Film Slam is July 14th
(released 7/9/2013)

The next Film Slam is Sunday, July 14th at the Enzian Theater.  There are eight short films in competition.  Below are the films along with brief descriptions and people that made them.  More information is available at

Changing Worlds (2013)
Director/Producer: Dale Metz & Ted Souppa; Writer: Ted Souppa
Running Time: 6:45
Synopsis: The captain of mankind's first interstellar mission takes a stand against the status quo. As Earth falls into decay, Captain Toncray steers her ship, the Godspeed, towards Earth's closest inhabitable planet.

Gifts (2013)
Director/Writer: Forrest Hughes; Producer: Dan Osborn
Running Time: 10:18
Synopsis: Sarah and her grandfather can barely make ends meet. When Christmas rolls around, Sarah does whatever it takes to get her grandfather the best present ever.

Bittersweet (2013)
Director: Grant Martin; Producer: Anthony Lietz; Writer: Heather Brumley
Running Time: 13:28
Synopsis: In the hope that his talents might be recognized by the local community, young dessert baker, Lawrence Graham, ambitiously tackles his first commissioned assignment. Will his endeavor pay off or will all that he has worked to achieve be left in batter?

The Last Orange Grove of Middle Florida (2013)
Director/Producer/Writer: Carl Knickerbocker
Running Time: 2:44
Synopsis: An orange grove is displaced by a housing subdivision and Middle Florida is revealed. A selected view of Central Florida environs. Music by David Schweizer.

Shootin' the Breeze (2013)
Director/Producer/Writer: TL Westgate
Running Time : 4:46
Synopsis: A dark comedy about two co-workers with a little time to kill.

Soulswitch - "Saving Me" (2013)  
Director/Writer: Adam Arnali; Producer: Valensky Sylvain
Running Time:  4:25
Synopsis: When two girls vie for the love of Tom he must decide between them. Tom ends up finding a shattered mirror that puts him in a trance. Inside Tom's head he splits into two personalities that fight each other for which girl to choose.

Moving (2013)
Director: Kyle Romanek; Producer: Chuck Kerr; Writer: David Brescia
Running Time: 10:00
Synopsis: While moving out, a struggling couple discovers a miscellaneous moving box that helps them reminisce on what they once had resulting in a melodramatic verdict.

Lend A Hand (2013)
Director/Producer/Writer: Tyler Falbo
Running Time: 7:25
Synopsis: After a heavy night of drinking, Anthony wakes up still intoxicated in his Ford Taurus. It just happens to be flipped upside down on the side of the road. When a cop shows up, he is forced to put on his best poker face.

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