Popcorn Flicks - The Lego Movie
(released 7/8/2024)

THE LEGO MOVIE is the next feature film screening at Popcorn Flicks in the Park. Taking place in Central Park, Winter Park once a month this film is free to attend. THE LEGO MOVIE will screen Thursday, July 11th at 8pm. The film is presented with open captions. The 95 minute film is rated PG.

The film has Chris Pratt as Emmett, an ordinary LEGO figurine who follows the rules and is mistakenly identified as the Special - an extrodinary who is the key to saving the world. An evil tyrant played by Will Ferrell plans to conquer the world. Emmett is unprepared for the task but gives it his all.

To watch a trailer of the film and to see more details about the Special Programing by Enzian Theater, click through to their website: https://enzian.org

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