Film Slam Lineup for May 19th
(released 5/15/2013)

The next Film Slam is Sunday, May 19th at the Enzian Theater.  The short film screening and competition begins at 1pm.  Tickets are $5.  For further details, go to

Here are the films in competition:

The Drop Off (2013)
Director: Leora M. Chai, Writer & Producer: Leora M. Chai & Brian K Dery
Running Time: 15 mins

Synopsis:When a mom does the unthinkable to her only child, he is left alone in a park to deal with the difficulties of living with autism while encountering teen bullying.

Tysis (2013)
Director & Writer: Chris Beemer, Producer: Chelsie Holler
Running Time: 10:17

Synopsis: Special Forces Sergeant John Anderton faces an almost supernatural foe from his military past.

Killer 3D (2012)
Director & Writer Steve Vallo, Producer: Steve Vallo, Donald E. Reynolds,
Ted Souppa, Christie Vallo
Running Time 8 min.

Synopsis: Killer 3D is an intense trip into the underworld of drug dealers and hitmen.

Your Street - Sherisse Rose (2013)
Director: Manny Cortinas, Writer: Sherisse Rose, Producer: Vincent DeMarco
Running Time: 5:09 min

Synopsis: A song about letting go. Its intention is to share an experience once perceived as painful and heart-breaking, and elevated to gratitude and empowerment.

1910 (2012)
Director, Writer, Producer: Carl Knickerbocker
Running Time: 2:10

Synopsis: The Magmart group in Naples, Italy, invited artists to interpret a randomly assigned year from the 20th century. This is 1910.

Conversations with The Devil (2013)
Director: Ken Barr & Dean R. Baker, Writer: Ken Barr, Producer: Ken Barr
Films / Post FX Digital Studios
Running Time: 9:15

Synopsis: In a seedy bar a lone barfly is met by someone claiming to be the devil. Their conversation that day changes the course of both their lives.

Star Wars Droids: The Jawa Adventure (2012)
Director & Writer: Brad Murphy, Producer: DAVE School
Running Time: 6:22

Synopsis: C-3PO and R2-D2 embark on a rollicking adventure when Jawas hijack an experimental Mon Calamari starship.

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