Film Slam is Sunday, March 10th
(released 3/4/2013)

Film Slam Producer Tim Anderson has announced the Sunday, March 10th lineup of shorts.  There are a few Slam veterans returning: Carl Knickerbocker, Dale Metz, and Joops Fragale.

The Film Slam is an audience-voting, short film competition.  The film with the most votes wins.

The Film Slam takes place at the Enzian Theater in Maitland at 1300 South Orlando Avenue.  Screening begins at 1pm and tickets are $5.  Entry of your short film into future competition is free.  More info is available at

Here are the short films for March 10th.

Murphy's Law (2013)
Director/Writer: Matt Alaniz, Producer: David Kuskie
Running Time: 14:45
Description: Murphy learns the truth to the saying whatever can wrong will go wrong when a series of unfortunate events lead him to a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

Wildflower - Carly Jo Jackson
Director/Producer: Dale Metz, Writer: Carly Jo Jackson
Running Time : 3:40, Website:
Description: This song was written during my first year of college as I was struggling with being out on my own for the first time and finding my place in the music world. Carly Jo Jackson

SP #6 (2012)
Director/Writer/Producer: Carl Knickerbocker
Running Time 3:23, Website
Description: An observation of role, religion, mythology and madness. Bright in palette, tone is dark. A curious video art puppet work in the Suburban Primitive style. Part of a series.

Tourist Trap (2012)
Director/Writer: Jake Hargrove, Producer: Jessica Southwell
Running Time 5 min
Description: A family vacation turns out to be a deadly when they get captured at a Florida tourist attraction by the most deranged killer they will ever know.

Permanent Marker (2013)
Director/Writer: Charles Frisby Producer: Kristin Frisby
Running Time 5:43, Website:
Description: Emotions escalate quickly as an engaged couple has a heated argument following a dinner party.

Dream Season (2012)
Director: Chris Beemer, Writer: Michael Kane, Producer: Chelsie Holler
Running Time  5:00 Minutes
Description:  Carpenter, the last string quarterback, gets an opportunity to play in the final play of practice. Fueled by his affection for a beautiful female trainer, this moment turns out to be something far more than just the last play of the day.

The Guy Knows Everything (2013)
Director: Joops Fragale, Writer: Andrew Fisk, Producer: Michael Long
Running Time 26:00, Website:
Description: Bar pals face off in a game of sports trivia, when a stranger, ups the stakes with unending knowledge beyond sports into their personal lives.

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