Next Film Slam is February 17th
(released 2/11/2013)

The next Film Slam is Sunday, February 17th.  Tickets are $5 and screening starts at 1pm.  The Film Slam short film competition takes place at the Enzian Theater.  Go to for more info.  Here are this month's competing films:

Writer/Director/Producer: Eric Coppa-Cross
Length: 8:48
Description: A story about espresso, love, and determination. Camilla is a waitress who is determined to make good espresso, and in her attempts she involves many interesting characters. Who will be next?

Darren Ockert: A Mini Documentary
Writer/Director: Hector M. Sanchez Jr.; Producer: Darren Ockert and Hector M. Sanchez Jr.
Length: 10:00
Description:  Singer, Songwriter, & Producer Darren Ockert shows us the struggles of making music, even the tolls of being an openly gay artist in the industry.

Hello Mommy
Writer/Director:  Nelson Rivera; Producer: Steven Astacio and Clark Harris
Length:  4:00
Description: A woman is dead before she knows it when she steps into the wrong alley to dump the body of her dead daughter that she murdered.

Some Assembly Required
Director: Alicia Haberman; Writer: Forrest Hughes; Producer: Sam Duzansky
Length:  6:44
Description: Two newly weds move into an apartment. The husband tries to build a coffee table with much difficulty while his wife observes him through his struggle.

"______" (Insert Superhero Name Here)
Director: Kevin Shah; Writer: Kevin Shah and Paul Decker; Producer: Kevin Shah and Donnie Jenkins
Length: 5:00
Description: A young man takes on the challenge of being a modern-day superhero. He monitors the air-waves to track down criminals. Who is the real superhero?

Director: Kyle Romanek; Producer: Dean McDermitt
Length:  9:42
Description: "Damaged" is a look inside Alex Spence's return to paintball after being diagnosed with Leukemia and sitting out a season from the Tampa Bay Damage.

Loose Ends
Producer/Director: Donald E. Reynolds; Writer: Ted Souppa
Length:  18:00
Description: Loose Ends is a dark comedy about a group of unconnected couples drawn together by court-ordered group therapy. As the couples reveal their problems, the mystery begins to deepen

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